Jeffrey Sorensen

236 East 47th Street Apt 12C
New York, New York 10017-2141
EMPLOYMENT: Senior Software Engineer, May 1999 - Present
Advisory Software Engineer, January 1997 - April 1999
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center - Yorktown Heights, New York
Researcher in Machine Translation and Natural Language Understanding, principally responsible for the development of resource efficient search algorithms for language translation. Over a decade of experience working on problems in speaker identification, speech recognition, parsing, and automated dialog systems. In addition to research prototypes, during the past decade, my contributions have appeared in many IBM products. Numerous patent applications and publications in the fields of speaker recognition, speech recognition, computational linguistics, and cryptography.
Recent Corporate Awards:
Mar 2009 Outstanding Technical Accomplishment Award for contributions to the Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA)
Apr 2009Technical Accomplishment Award for contributions to Conversational Biometrics
Feb 2007
Jul 2005
Supplemental Patent Issuance Awards for top-rated patents
Nov 2004Research Division Award for contributions to Multilingual Capability for WebFountain/BlueVIEW
Sep 2003Fourth Plateau Inventions Achievement Award

Member Technical Staff, May 1996 - October 1996
Engineering Specialist, May 1993 - May 1996
Dictaphone Corporation - Stratford, Connecticut
Developed a speaker-independent, fixed-point speech recognizer, trained using Entropic's HTK software, for use in embedded telephone-based applications. Directed porting of feature extraction and hidden Markov model code from UNIX simulation to TI 320C5X digital signal processing hardware. Conducted research and patented novel techniques for speech recognition. Assisted in the evaluation of speech technologies and the formulation of corporate strategy. Designed and coded a Microsoft NT Audio Compression Manager device driver to support pitch-corrected speed control for PC based transcription applications.

Electrical Engineering Consultant, 1989 - 1995
Spectra Technologies - Albany, New York
Container Machinery Corporation - Kinderhook, New York
General Electric - Schenectady, New York
Responsible for engineering tasks related to the development of custom quality assurance systems for monitoring industrial processes. Projects included work with: computer imaging systems, Microsoft Windows DLL development, stepper motor controllers, analog sensor integration, Borland Paradox programming, scientific graphing libraries, and statistical process control software. The systems developed are deployed for applications such as: internal combustion engine inspection, can seam inspection, and high-resolution active matrix LCD panel inspection.

Electrical Engineer, September 1988 - August 1989
E. S-I., Inc. - Albany, New York
Designed and implemented robotics control systems for factory automation applications. Involved with a diverse set of projects including robot controller design and computer vision system design, integration, and testing.

Freelance Software Developer, August 1982 - December 1987
MichTron Incorporated - Pontiac, Michigan
Developed ten assembly language games for several platforms, including systems using the Z-80, 6809, 8086, and 68000 processors. Developed a graphical, GEM-based MIDI music sequencing package for the Atari ST computer. Software marketed worldwide by MichTron, Incorporated.

EDUCATION: Ph. D. Electrical Engineering, May 1993
M. Eng. Computer and Systems Engineering, May 1988
B. S. Computer and Systems Engineering with Minor in Management, May 1987
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Troy, New York
Graduate coursework:
• Probability Theory • Real Analysis • Pattern Recognition • Information Theory
• Artificial Intelligence • General Systems Theory • Operations Research • Computer Vision
• Stochastic Systems • Digital Signal Processing • Optimal Control Theory • Waveform Coding
Employed by the Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering department as a Teaching Assistant for the courses: Computer Fundamentals for Engineers, Linear Systems, and Communication Systems.


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"Rethinking Full-Text Search for Multi-lingual Databases", with S. Roukos, DEBU 2007.

RECENT PATENTS: US29268908A1 2009 (applied) Methods and apparatus for securely classifying data

US7092496 2006 Method and apparatus for processing information signals based on content

US7076429 2006 Method and apparatus for presenting images representative of an utterance with corresponding decoded speech

US6892175 2005 Spread spectrum signaling for speech watermarking

US6810116 2004 Multi-channel telephone data collection, collaboration and conferencing system and method of using the same

US6737535 2004 Head-mounted display content transformer

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US6665644 2003 Conversational data mining

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US6269335 2001 Apparatus and methods for identifying homophones among words in a speech recognition system

US6266637 2001 Phrase splicing and variable substitution using a trainable speech synthesizer

US6253179 2001 Method and apparatus for multi-environment speaker verification

US6246982 2001 Method for measuring distance between collections of distributions

ACTIVITIES: Avid sailor and member of Nyack Boat Club and the Mamaroneck Frostbite Association

Studying languages: including 3 years of Spanish, and 1 year of Korean, also studied French in high school.

Student of classical guitar for over 10 years.

Served on the boards of non-profit organizations including the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union, the Shattemuc Yacht Club, and the Nu Theta Chapter of Phi Mu Delta Fraternity Alumni Board.

Contributing developer to PGPfone, the cryptographically strong telephone software designed by Philip Zimmermann.

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